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Our Mission

Using design thinking we help companies succeed by solving problems. We strive to provide innovative solutions that empower organizations and brands.

Our Approach

1.  We engage with you directly building our process around your vision and desired outcomes.

2.  We employ insight as a tool allowing data and analytics to inform our perspective and support strategy.

3.  We work to objectives and adapt when those objectives change.

What We Do

We provide professional and advisory services to enterprises in the media, entertainment, consumer, and technology sectors.

Brand Strategy

We provide Long-term planning that focuses on the development of a successful brand.


We decode culture and provide insight to companies and brands.

Custom Research

We do Content testing, Focus Groups, Ethnography, We provide various qualitative and quantitative methods with an emphasis on research design. We specialize in content testing.

Leadership Development

We work with emerging leaders to improve their skills in areas such as: decision making, project management and strategy.

Strategic Advisory

We work with sr leadership teams using insight to define the strategy, goals, and direction of an organization.

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Impath is the first-ever insight platform focused on CULTURE. It was created to help companies and brands understand diverse consumer segments through an immersive experience specifically designed to amplify the individual experiences and the diversity that make up a collective CULTURE.

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An In-depth Look into Culture

Impath is A DIGITAL PLATFORM driven by data and built on insights from a proprietary syndicated study created by The Marian Dupree Group.

Impath decodes culture curated in a contextualized framework with cultural, behavioral, and business perspectives.

Provides dynamic insights and understanding by using the Culture Lens to create thoughtful analyses.

IMPATH provides the user an immersive experience through data-based intuitive storytelling.

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The platform is designed to provide the user with an immersive experience. Featuring


Analysis of the findings using the Culture Lens.


Unique infographics that provide critical context.


Curated content provides context and deeper insight.


Specially curated playlists derived from our research.


Video diary content from respondents.

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Personas as a Lens

Personas are a special feature of IMPATH. Based on the data collected, we create unique personas to provide a distinct experience within the platform.

These fictional personas represent the diversity within a cohort. They provide the user with a clearer understanding of distinct needs, experience, behaviors, and goals that vary across the larger group.

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Impath provides a continuous and current stream of proprietary data exploring nine topic areas updated monthly.

Subscribers can explore Aspiration, Beauty/Health, Current Events/Politics, Fashion, Food/Beverage Lifestyle/Culture, Love/Relationships, Media/Entertainment/Technology, Money/Finance/Education. They will also receive regular one-page and 2 bi-annual summaries.

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Our Work


Challenge:  Reposition Insights team

Solution: Assessed team and internal stakeholders to inform strategy for repositioning the insights team.  Worked with the team on research projects to support the marketing and brand strategy.  Introduced new vendors and collaborated with team on a new vision.

Result: Successful rebranding of the team and repositioning of their role among internal stakeholders resulted in increased collaboration with stakeholders.


Challenge: TV Ratings’ team struggling to produce reports to support the business

Solution: Assessed the team, research tools and internal stakeholders. Developed a COE framework to increase ratings analyses, insights and reporting.   Introduced technology solutions for TV ratings estimates, analysis and report distribution.  We collaborated with leadership to define a new vision and positioning of the TV Ratings team within the organization highlighting its new insight capabilities among its key stakeholders.

Result:  Increased productivity by 30%.


Challenge: Create and implement a strategy for a broadcast network selected for potential investment

Solution:  Worked with team of consultants to assess the core areas of the business.  Developed a content development plan, marketing strategy, research strategy and ad sales strategy to deliver cost savings.

Result:  Significantly reduced program costs.


Challenge: Executive Director needed a strategy to better manage
priorities and workflow.

Solution: Facilitated a workshop with the client’s stakeholders
focused on identifying priorities and internal communications process.
Created framework for easily identifying priorities and established a
streamlined communication process.

Result: Improved communication and stakeholders better aligned.


Connect with Us

Who We Are

Melva Goffney Benoit, Founder and CEO

As Founder and CEO of the Marian Dupree Group, Melva advises senior management of start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. She leads initiatives that solve problems and help her clients grow their businesses.

With over 20+ years of experience in turning insight into action, Melva has held senior executive positions in major media companies including Viacom, Disney, Turner, NBC Universal and Fox. She has led consumer insight initiatives that delivered strategic direction in content creation, product strategy, marketing and advertising for media, entertainment, and consumer brands.

Melva is a partner in Band of Vices, an art and culture company. BoV provides a platform for the creative community and a narrative through ever-evolving initiatives, including a highly curated exhibition program, culturally relevant strategic partnerships and mission-driven community programming.

As Executive Professor, Digital, Media and Innovation, Melva teaches Digital Media and Entertainment at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management in Malibu, California.

Melva currently serves on the board of Neighborhood Partners, Inc, a non-profit organization whose mission is to create affordable housing and economic development for underserved communities.

Melva resides in Los Angeles with her two daughters and a Dalmatian

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