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The ability to do things better, differently, is the cornerstone of human prosperity. We are passionate about solving problems and turning innovation into things that can improve people’s lives.

Our goal is to make life better for our clients, our colleagues and our community.

 Our Principles

Solutions to problems are different for every client

We avoid preconceptions in order to arrive at the right answers, and
understand that the answers can change over time

We will tell you what you want to hear only when it happens to be the truth

Understanding the dynamics of your business is essential to our
success and yours

We embrace and support complex decision making processes

Who We Are

Melva Benoit, Founder & President

As founder and president of The Marian Dupree Group, Melva leads initiatives that provide keys to solving clients’ problems and help grow their businesses. She advises senior management of start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Melva is highly regarded for being both intellectually curious and realistically pragmatic; cultivating and maintaining key stakeholder relationships; identifying talent, empowering teams; and driving a high-performance culture.

Jay Tucker, Associate

Jay Tucker is a seasoned marketer, technology leader, and educator who is passionate about helping executives and entrepreneurs embrace disruption, drive innovation, and build powerful solutions.
Jay works with business leaders from Fortune 500 companies to identify emerging technologies and service models that will impact the technology, communications, and digital media sectors. He also runs educational programs focused on leadership in the digital age and has partnered with AT&T, Disney, OgilvyRED, Variety, and others to create best-of-breed conferences.

What We Do

“We use insight and innovation to create unique meaningful solutions to grow businesses.”

We understand the importance of delivering on what has been promised. That’s why we evaluate each organization, its goals and stakeholders in order to achieve results the client wants and needs.

Brand Strategy

Developing a brand and strategy to deliver your promise to your customers

Business Development

Development and implementation of growth opportunities

Custom Research

Creation of unique primary research to answer your questions

Strategic Advisory

Facilitate a process to help your organization define its strategy, or direction and decision making on allocation of its resources to pursue its strategy

Our Work


Challenge:  Reposition Insights team

Solution: Assessed team and internal stakeholders to inform strategy for repositioning the insights team.  Worked with the team on research projects to support the marketing and brand strategy.  Introduced new vendors and collaborated with team on a new vision.

Result: Successful rebranding of the team and repositioning of their role among internal stakeholders resulted in increased collaboration with stakeholders.


Challenge: TV Ratings’ team struggling to produce reports to support the business

Solution: Assessed the team, research tools and internal stakeholders. Developed a COE framework to increase ratings analyses, insights and reporting.   Introduced technology solutions for TV ratings estimates, analysis and report distribution.  We collaborated with leadership to define a new vision and positioning of the TV Ratings team within the organization highlighting its new insight capabilities among its key stakeholders.

Result:  Increased productivity by 30%.


Challenge: Create and implement a strategy for a broadcast network selected for potential investment

Solution:  Worked with team of consultants to assess the core areas of the business.  Developed a content development plan, marketing strategy, research strategy and ad sales strategy to deliver cost savings.

Result:  Significantly reduced program costs.


Challenge: Executive Director needed a strategy to better manage
priorities and workflow.

Solution: Facilitated a workshop with the client’s stakeholders
focused on identifying priorities and internal communications process.
Created framework for easily identifying priorities and established a
streamlined communication process.

Result: Improved communication and stakeholders better aligned.

Some of our Clients

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